Who is a Foodie?

It refers to someone who has a passionate interest in all things related to food. The term became popular somewhere in the 1980’s, and it has stuck around to date, with many people calling themselves foodies as they comment, review and post pictures related to food served in restaurants and cafes, on their blogs and social media channels.

Many restaurants too now know this term and are looking at influencers who call themselves foodies to help make their brand visible to different audiences. Whether it is a chef wearing his elegant white chef coat or an efficient server clad in their waist apron, everyone who works in a restaurant are well aware of what a foodie influencer can do for their business, and try their best to impress them with the food and service served.

“Foodies” have a lot of power to either make or break a restaurant, because these types of influencers are followed by thousands of food enthusiasts who trust their recommendations and have faith in their opinions about restaurants, as well as dishes.

So, if you want to be known as a Foodie, then you need to have the following:

Be able to recommend local restaurants and eateries.
Give information about how each different restaurant uses local ingredients.
Give you information on which dishes are made fresh at the restaurant and which are not.
They generally know about the dishes being served, and do not require waiters and servers to explain the menu to them.
They are usually able to recommend the ideal drinks to be paired with a dish.
They always have a “best” list of eateries, cuisines, chefs, dishes etc.